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If you've decided to sell your home, chances are that you've been advised to give it a bit of a pre-sale makeover. We all get emotionally attached to our homes. We don't see our home like a buyer might see it. That's where we come in! We look at it from a buyers point of view and offer feedback on every room as well as your home's street appeal.

We have friends in the real estate industry, we've worked in the real estate industry, we've bought and sold homes ourselves...it's been proven time and again that the presentation of your home makes a huge impact on the final sale price. First impressions count! From the moment a potential buyer spots your home while flicking through the pages of a newspaper or spotting it on-line you want the photos to scream "Look at me!" On inspection, they will make their first impression quickly, they often buy on emotions when they fall in love with a property. We want buyers to make this emotional connection with your home from the moment they pull up at the kerb. We help to make sure your home stands out from the crowd by showing off it's best features. Presentation is key and it can add thousands to your final selling price.


Option 1


If you believe you can do the pre-sale makeover yourself but just want an independent point of view, some advice and honest feedback we can help! 

We know what it takes to sell a home and will give you an action plan to point you in the right direction. An action plan includes recommendations on things like; what items to keep out, what items to pack away, how to position furniture better, what to repair, what to replace, what could be hired, what needs a good clean and more.

Servicing the Central Coast, NSW. Fee for this consultation: $200.

This is for a once off in house consultation with written action plan emailed to you afterwards. 

Option 2


This is where we use a more hands on approach. You still want to be able to live in your home during the advertising campaign, so we will do our best to use as much of your furniture and possessions as we can while advising on what to store away. Where required, we bring in a selection of props - from artworks, soft furnishings and decor items to side lamps and floor rugs for hire.  We help bring your property up to a standard that will show it's full potential with the aim of reaching it's best selling price quickly.

Servicing the Central Coast, NSW.  Prices start at $1500 but vary depending on the size of your home and what's required. We offer obligation free quotes. 

Photo by fstop123/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by fstop123/iStock / Getty Images